Ah! Thanking my lucky stars - it's Sunday!

July 25, 2010 Sunday Funnies

Lat/Lon: about halfway north and mostly west

Air Temp: uh...i thought this cruise was supposed to be warm!

Wind Speed: less than a gale, more than a breeze

Humidity: not that bad, eh?

Water Temp: you wouldn't last long

Salinity: I'll check that out the next time water
splashes over the deck

Depth: 147,677 inches / 3,624,000 mm / 0.75 leagues

I fear a bit of seasickness has struck my innards so I was enormously grateful, as I balanced myself in the shower this morning against the heavily pitching boat, that today's blog is the Sunday Funnies!

(above) It seems that at least one member of the science team has
lost his head in the excitement of the trip!

(above) Secret Lives of Scientists: Arts 'n Crafts Hour
Clear indicators that we are on a
"watch" schedule
(two pictures below)

Working hard? Or hardly working? (above and

We're off to Sable Island - tune in for our next episode of Mud Hunters!

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