Land Ho!

Aug 1,2010

Location: Wood's Hole
Lat/Lon: 41 ° 31.1985 N / 070 ° 40.3464 W
Air Temp: 19.6 ° C / 67.280 ° F
Wind Speed: 6.68 Knots
Humidity: 56.8 %
Water Temp: 22.39 ° C, 72.302 ° F
Salinity: 30.7115 psu
Depth: 28.20 m

Paul Walczak did an amazing job capturing this image of this Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin last night before sunset - great shot!

So today we return to WHOI! We are scheduled to be at the dock for 8 am and Customs will come aboard and do their checking.

It's been a terrific opportunity to be aboard the R/V Knorr with this talented, hard working team! Thanks for a amazing time!

Frank Scofield
Heather Pacheco
Bob White
Massachusetts Teachers on the R/V Knorr Summer 2010


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